About Spread Art

What Is Spread Art?

Spread Art is a community incubator designed to foster creativity through residencies and collaborations with artists, curators, innovators and community organizers locally, nationally and internationally. Spread Art is a creative home for many Detroit based artists and serves as a place for the artistic community to experiment with new ideas, concepts and realizations and not be afraid to fail in the name of creative exploration.

Spread Art hosts multidisciplinary art, music, dance, and performance events that push creative boundaries, incorporate technology, invite public participation, and/or explore relevant social themes. Events at Spread Art are mostly proposed by the Detroit community through our online booking form.

Spread Art’s is based in the historic Woodbridge neighborhood in Detroit, MI. Our 3,500 sq ft facility offers a multi-use, fully outfitted performance, rehearsal, exhibition and creative space with core program components that supports and fosters self-producing artists and artist-run organizations, which are critical to Detroit's vibrant arts community. Within the building are 8 artist studios, 900 sq ft rehearsal and performance space and a 600sq ft gallery. In addition the facility has access to a 9,000 sq ft outdoor garden and performance space with a 16ft X 12ft stage for use during the warmer months.